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For over a decade we have provided the world's leading clear and comparative ethical information on thousands of companies and brands to ethical shoppers, NGOs, ethical companies and ethical investors. We compare hundreds of companies' ethical and Corporate Social Responsibility records in relation to up to 15 different ethical criteria under the 3 general headings of Environment, Animals and People.  This involves working closely on ethical shopping issues with ethical consumers and ethical companies plus drawing from the vast information supplied by some of the world's leading NGOs - including Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Christian Aid and many more.  Our research reports both the poor ethical standards and the good ethical standards of the world's companies and brands and our aim is at all times to be both transparent and fair. Our work aims to encourage the world's companies to treat humans, animals and the environment with the highest possible levels of respect - and those that don't we will report on accordingly.


The Good Shopping Guide - 8th Annual Edition


The Good Shopping Guide is the world's leading ethical shopping reference book - providing clear & extensive ethical rankings across 60 product sectors.  Now on its 11th annual edition, this is the essential reference work for the ethical shopping sector - and includes detailed ethical comparison tables on the leading companies in consumer sector from ethical banking to ethical investment and ethical fashion. 

The Good Shopping Guide is used by ethical consumers, NGOs, CSR professionals, every ethical business, and government procurers who want to choose the most ethical products.

The Good Shopping Guide 2012/13 1 @ 14.95




Ethical Accreditation Award

Ethical Accreditation

This is the UK's only cross-spectrum (people, animals and environment) ethical accreditation and exists to reward ethical companies' behavior. Companies with excellent scores on our Ethical Company Index analysis may display our CSR standard marks and comparison tables which provide up-to-date positive comparison with less ethical competition.  Only the highest ethically ranked 30% of any particular product sector are eligible for ethical accreditation.




Ethical Shopping App for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad!

The Good Shopping Guide Ethical Shopping App enables users to purchase from the most ethical companies, while they are out and about.

Whenever you shop, at an introductory price of just £2.99, this app version gives full product sector comparison tables on famous brands and corporations in relation to their Environmental, Animal Welfare and Human Rights records.

Click here for further details about the App.



The Good Nutrition Guide

The Good Nutrition Guide compares and ranks all the nations food brands on the health criteria set out by The Food Standards Agency.  This features over 2 years of new and uncompromising ethical research.  For some example product sections see The Good Nutrition Guide PDF. 

You can buy The Good Nutrition Guide at all good bookshops or direct from this website with free postage and packaging.





The 11th annual edition of this ethical shopping classic is now out.  You can buy it from all good bookshops or direct here with free p&p.

Click here for The Good Shopping Guide 11th Edition



The Ethical Company Organisation offers Ethical Accreditation.  This certifies that the Company or Brand in question has scored highly in an overall analysis of its Corporate Social Responsibility record.

 Click here to learn more about Ethical Accreditation and how to apply.

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