Setting the benchmark for corpo‍‍‍rate social responsibility

The Good Shopping Guide

The Good Shopping Guide aims to help people make informed decisions about which brands are best for the planet, best for animals and best for people world-wide. With your help, we hope to make a positive difference to the environment, to animal welfare and to communities who are living in poverty across the globe.

After 12 years of being published as a reference book, the online edition of The Good Shopping Guide should help ensure that ethical research is spread further and wider than ever before, with the ambition to reach millions (rather than hundreds of thousands) of people and thereby make the ethical shopping movement a more powerful force for good than ever before.

The Good Shopping Guide aims to promote equality, justice and sustainable development by helping to empower people to transform trading structures and practices in favour of an ethical economy based on justice and fairness.

One way we support these developments is by providing people with free access to our ethical research on 1000s of companies and brands, revealing what your money is supporting and how ethically responsible are these companies.

Most of us are now aware of our carbon footprint, but we should also know that we leave an ethical footprint every time we shop in the current economy. Each purchase supports activities throughout the supply chain and beyond; activities that may include animal testing, unfair trade in developing countries or investment in weapons and nuclear power.

By exposing many of these connections, listing the level of corporate social responsibility of the companies behind hundreds of everyday products. It reveals which brands are implicated in abuses such as child labour, human rights violations, green-washing and environmental destruction in the UK and worldwide – and also shows which companies are deserving of your support.


“The 10th edition of The Good Shopping Guide remains a book of historical importance. It details an enlightened approach to 21st century consumerism that is easy to follow. By intelligently channeling our spending power, we can all easily support animal welfare, human rights and the environment.”– Alastair Fothergill
BBC Producer: The Blue Planet & Life in the Freezer

“The biggest influence on companies comes from customers. The Good Shopping Guide provides everyone with information they need to persuade powerful companies to behave more responsibly”.
– Tony Juniper

“The Good Shopping Guide provides the benchmark for consumers to be able to buy the best products from the best companies.”
– Chief Executive Good Energy Ltd

“The Good Shopping Guide helps you make informed choices about the business behind the brand.”
– CEO Cafedirect Plc


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