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As businesses get bigger and corporate influence increases, the importance of what one purchases in the current economy has never been so clear: by choosing to buy from ethical and avoid irresponsible companies we can minimise the damage that we do to the world around us and help promote not only a healthier relationship between ethics and business, but also alternative economic structures that foster a more fair, just and sustainable society.

If you care about global warming, pollution, animal testing, factory farming, the arms trade and the exploitation of people, research by Ethical Company Organisation exposes many of these realities behind some of the world’s biggest brands, both in the UK and worldwide.

Our research encourages innovative products and companies, and discourages others that prefer to ignore the social and environmental consequences of their practices. It also empowers the individual by providing them with the necessary information to ensure that they support only the companies and business that are working toward a more ethical social and economic world.

By providing ethical research on the world’s companies and brands, our aim is to support progressive companies which want to improve the way their business is done. This means highlighting the companies which do not cause harm to or exploit humans, animals or the environment in comparison to those that do.

People are learning that they don’t have to join a campaign or become a political activist to make their voices heard: speaking out can also be as easy as supporting ethical companies that are working hard to do things differently. In this respect, our till receipts can be used constructively. This is something that the big corporations are beginning to wake up to, but there is still a long way to go.

Human Rights


Animal Welfare

Human Rights issues are central to our evaluation of a companies ethical background, which is why it is one of the three main categories of our research. Our assessment is far-reaching in this regard, aiming to reveal which companies are guilty of human rights abuses and which alternative companies are acting as catalysts for change regarding human rights and equality-related issues.

The Environment is one of the three main overarching categories of our research. Here we look at everything from a companies environmental impact, their latest environmental report, relationship with genetically modified crops, non-organic farming and even nuclear power.

As one of the three main overarching categories of our research, our work aims to reveal companies practice in relation to Animal Welfare standards, supporting the need for political and behavioural change on a range of animal rights-related issues.

For a full breakdown of the criteria used within our research, see The Good Shopping Guide.