Setting the benchmark for corpo‍‍‍rate social responsibility

Envirome‍‍‍ntal Policies

The aim of The Ethical Company Organisation is to provide information which promotes positive environmental, human rights and animal welfare policies. Our own ‘operational’ environmental policy aims to reduce our production impact to an absolute minimum. For example all of our paper is either FSC‍‍‍ approved, sustainable or recycled; our head office is powered by 100% renewable energy and we use low-energy light bulbs wherever possible; our latest office is built of wood only from sustainable sources; we only buy office technology machines with the latest energy efficiency standards (TCO minimum) and from brands which do not have records of environmental devastation or other environmental criticisms; we pay to arrange the re-use and/or re-cycling of our redundant IT equipment; we have a ‘no company car’ policy; our workers are allowed to work from home up to 50% of the time (reduces travel impact); it is company policy to switch all machines and lights fully off when they are not in use; the company banks with the Co-operative Bank (as they have a positive ethical and environmental record); we review our environmental performance every month.