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The Good Shopping Guide - 11th Edition

THE GOOD SHOPPING GUIDE 11th Edition - Now Available

LATEST ETHICAL SHOPPING RESEARCH NEWS -  Edition 11 of this world-leading ethical shopping reference book features brand new research as well as the Ethical Company Index, which provides comparative ethical shopping rankings for over 700 companies and brands, scoring each out of 100. Order the book direct now with free delivery.

The Good Shopping Guide is the world's leading ethical shopping reference book.  The book is supported by ethical consumers and NGOs like Christian Aid, Friends of the Earth and the World Development Movement.

It reports on and ranks the ethical scores of the companies behind hundreds of the world's biggest brands - with regard to the Environment, Animal Welfare and Human Rights records.

Over 60 different product sectors are covered, everything from Banks to Butter and Washing Machines to Jeans.  Each product section gives useful information about the ethical issues to take in to consideration when purchasing that product, and an at-a-glance summary of the overall ethicality scores of different companies and brands.  A more in-depth table shows exactly what each company has been involved in, or not – from animal testing through to political donations.

The Good Shopping Guide, which is full colour throughout, also contains beautiful colour pictures of the natural world.

See below for a full list of sectors covered and click on the links to download free sample chapters:

GOOD HOME & OFFICE: Introduction; All-In-Ones; Batteries  Boilers ; Cleaning products;  Computers;  Cookers,   Digital cameras; DVD Players; Fax machines; Fridges & freezers; Furniture; Kettles; Kitchen Appliances; Laundry Detergents; Mobile phones; Paint; Printers; Sewing machines; Sustainable building; TVs and videos; Vacuum cleaners; Washing machines 

GOOD ENERGY: Renewable electricity suppliers - New 2013 product table

GOOD TRAVEL: Introduction; Petrol stations; Holidays

GOOD MONEY: Introduction;  Banks & Building Societies; Charity Credit cards; Ethical investments; Insurance; Internet Banks;  Mortgages

GOOD FOOD & DRINK: Introduction; Baby Food; Bananas; Bedtime drinks; Beer, Lager & Cider; Biscuits;  Bottled Water; Bread; Breakfast cereals; Butter & margarine; Cafes; Cat & Dog Food; Chocolate; Cooking Oil; Crisps; Fish; Ice cream; Jams and spreads; Pasta; Soft drinks; Soup; Sugar; Supermarkets; Fresh Fruit & Vegetables; Tea & coffee; Vegetarian Foods; Yoghurt

GOOD HEALTH & BEAUTY: Introduction; Cold remedies ; Cosmetics; Eye care products; Nappies; Pain remedies; Perfumes & Aftershaves; Sanitary protection; Shampoo and conditioner; Skincare; Soap; Sun protection; Toothpaste; Vitamins

GOOD FASHION:  Introduction; High street fashion; Jeans; Shoes & trainers; Alternative Clothing Directory

GOOD NETWORK: Introduction; Accredited companies, NGOs, The Ethical Marketplace

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We have published a new 32 page mini guide for businesses.  This is called The Good Shopping Guide's Good Office Guide.  Link here to the free pdf version - The Good Office Guide should help your office be greener than ever before - and help your source the most ethical office products.

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The Ethical Company Organisation offers Ethical Accreditation.  This certifies that the Company or Brand in question has scored highly in an overall analysis of its Corporate Social Responsibility record.

 Click here to learn more about Ethical Accreditation and how to apply.

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